Features & Benefits - Event management app!

WLCM Events is packed with pros. For every loose end, we have a feature to tie it up, so you can provide a seamless experience for your guests.

Create and Personalise

Select a plan that suits you, and efficiently create fully customisable event pages. Use text, images, maps and videos to set the tone! Whether it’s for a short time or a long time, it’s always a good time.

Choose from one of our four plans, depending on your planning needs, and how long you’ll need us for. Create your event team by designating sub-admins to help share the load. Set the tone for the big day with a killer event page, customisable titles and text fields, a cover image (or video!), and an interactive calendar.
We make it easy for you, so you can make it easy for your guests, with map features that guide the way not just to the street address, but to your location within the venue itself. Make your event public or private, and receive instant notifications when a guest accepts or declines.

Invite and Connect

Invite and connect with your guests with Wlcm Club WLCM Events can be used in big or small ways. Organise a 5-aside kickabout, or feed the five hundred! Choose how you invite guests, whether in bulk or individually, publicly or privately.
As one of the most flexible, scalable event management platforms in the universe, we attract users from all walks of life. Our members might be corporate event planners, music industry people, brides-to-be, workshop leaders, yoga teachers, extreme board-gamers, road trippers, or plain old (super-organised) friendship groups.
They can invite guests as one, or send individual notes and updates. Use the unique ‘Segments’ feature to create groups within groups - amazing for table planning or team sports.

Engage and Interact

Engage and interact at your events with Wlcm Club Start the party before the party starts!
Get your guests pumped up with live updates, photos and polls that they can like, comment on and engage with. Gain extra exposure by enabling your guests to share it all on their socials.
Hosting is hard work, but being present and available to your guests is half the battle. Planning a big one? Maintain your presence as host with those you can’t meet and greet personally. The WLCM Events allows you to supercharge your communication powers by enabling streaming to seats far from the stage, or would-be attendees overseas. If your guests need you but can’t find you in the crowd, they can even turn to the event page to contact you.
That’s some seriously next level hosting!

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