How to create a perfect event on Wlcm Events

No matter whether you are your family's only event planner or a professional, we've got you covered!

Organizing an event can be a task. Communicating with invitees, managing the communication with them and hosting can be a lot to handle at the same time. All of these can often result in chaos and commotion. But what if we told you that all of these things were now available at the tips of your fingers? Yes, you heard it right! No matter whether you are your family's only event planner or a professional, we've got you covered!

The WLCM Events is your one-stop solution to a well-organized, successful, memorable event. With the sole motto of bringing people together, we have created software that not only allows you to organize an event but allows you to host and interact with the guests irrespective of their number. It may be hundreds of people or just your four BFFs. We have created a workspace suitable not just for big corporate organizations but also for intimate gatherings, get together, and parties. We believe that it is not just important to think big but also essential to think small because, after all, small details matter most.

So now that you know what we do, let me take you through the four steps of organizing the perfect event with us.

Create and Personalise

Firstly, you need to create an account with the WLCM Events. The steps for account creation in the app are shown in the image below. WLCM Events is also available on the website, so you can create an account on the website in a similar manner. The image below guides you through the steps of creating an account on the website.

You first need to fill out the signup form. Once that is done, you need to verify your account with Gmail and log in. After the account is created, you need to select a plan. Based on your requirement of time and guests, we have made four different plans available for you. Choose from one of our four plans depending on your planning needs and how long you'll need us. Choose a package that works best for you and quickly build completely customizable event pages. Set the tone with text, graphics, maps, and videos! Whether it's for a short or lengthy period of time, it's always a good time.

You can also create interactive calendars, personal and bulk invites, and map to the exact locations and not just the street. We also have created an option for adding sub-admins so that you can share the workload with them. All of these features can be also accessed by our app.

Please refer to the image below to create your account with WLCM Events today

Invite and Connect

Now that the pages are ready. Let's move to the guest list. You can make the event public or private based on your target audience. We attract users from various walks of life because of our scalability and flexibility as an event management tool. And so whether it is a conference, a birthday party or a music concert you have nothing to worry about.

We also allow you to create segments within the groups to communicate separately, which means you are all prepared for your games night. We also notify you when a guest accepts or declines your invite. As a result, we're your one-stop-shop for managing your invitations.

Engage and Interact

Once the guest list is ready, communicating with them is really important in order to cater and host them in the best possible way. WLCM Events allows you to communicate with your guest and engage them with polls and pictures, which are further shareable on social media, giving your followers the ultimate FOMO experience and creating the buzz for the event before it has even started.

Now, after reading all these, you might say that it is the perfect solution, but what about hosting? Hosting is the most critical part of the event, and what if there are hundreds of guests? You can't personally greet everyone. Well, again, we've got you covered. You can now welcome all of your guests through our app. Also, if any of your guests are looking for you, they can contact you and find you at the location via our app. That's some high-end hosting, right?