How to effectively plan and manage your wedding

Planning weddings can be challenging and requires great organisation, a little bit of guidance always helps.

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest of your life. You and your guests will remember it for years. But behind every perfect wedding, there are months of planning, meetings, and payments. It can be challenging at times. Planning a wedding requires organisation. We will guide you in the right direction to succeed.

No matter the size of your event, always start by budgeting. Talk with your partner and set a realistic budget, one that will not compromise your finances for years. With that number set, you will know how many guests you can afford to invite, and the size of the venue you need. Before heading to venues, determine the style and season of the year you prefer. For a classic formal wedding, a beautiful place with chandeliers and stunning architecture will suit best. If you are going for a bohemian or rustic style, an outdoor venue like a vineyard, a farm, or a botanical garden is right. Always keep in mind the weather of the season you choose.

Once you have set the budget, the size of your wedding, the date, and the theme, it is time to organize. Set appointments with the big vendors you need to hire. Catering, music, florist, and photographer are crucial for a wedding, and they often book their events with months of anticipation, hire them as soon as possible, and have trials with them. Catering and cake tastings will help to decide your menu. Ask your florist to set a sample table at your venue to see if it is how you envision it. Schedule a hair and makeup trial to achieve the look you want. It is also a great time to start looking for your wedding attire. Wedding dresses are made to order, and most of the time need alterations to fit perfect, do not wait too long to schedule an appointment.

Work on your guests' list, let your guests know as soon as possible the date of your wedding. You can create a wedding website to keep in touch with all your guests. Wedding planning takes time, and this tool will make it easier to communicate with everyone, including out of town guests. You can post information like save the date, invitations, venue location, dress code, wedding registry, and even make them a part of your planning by sharing details of the event and asking their opinion.

Ask yourself if you have enough time to do it all. If not, look for alternatives to delegate and keep plans flowing. Friends and relatives could take care of some tasks. You can also take advantage of technology, find apps and websites designed to make it all easier. When you have someone to help you with the little things, you get to focus on what is important.

Wedding planning takes time and organization. The key to planning a wedding and succeeding is finding the right tools, setting a realistic budget, and hiring professional vendors. Tools like budget trackers, wedding websites, apps, checklists, spreadsheets, and so on, are designed to help you organize all the information. Sticking to your budget will prevent future financial worries. And finally, hiring professional vendors will assure you that when the big day comes, they will do their job as expected.

Remember to enjoy the process of planning your wedding, and congratulations on the beginning of a new adventure.

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