Importance of engaging your guests

Read how by focusing on keeping attendees excited and anticipating the event, you’ll increase the chance of success.

Engagement should be a top priority at every event. One study found that 91% of event organizers believe that increasing engagement is a priority during events. There’s a lot of emphases put on pre- and post-engagement, but a lot of organisers fail to engage during the event.

Engagement Leads to More Exposure

If your event fails, it’s because you didn’t get the exposure the event needed. When you’re posting updates, sharing the event’s setup journey on social media or posting pictures of attendees having a laugh, you’re increasing your exposure.

Guests will want to share your updates, engage with your posts and be a part of the next event.

During your pre-event marketing, gaining traction on social media or engaging with potential attendees in email or other avenues can increase turnout.

If you analyse your marketing channels during this time, you’ll be able to see what forms of marketing are really getting your audience excited. You'll be able to see dwell time on a blog post about the event or open rates for emails or messages.

When you have this data, you can optimize your marketing efforts to continue gaining exposure before and during the event.

Guests Want to Be Excited

If you don’t excite your would-be and current guests, you’re sabotaging your own event. Excitement helps:

  • Increase attendee turnout
  • Encourages attendees to share their experiences
  • Offers a deeper insight into the event and the planning process

Pre-event hype can be created with campaigns, targeting the right audience and with visual appeal. Social media allows this hype to last even longer, with the opportunity to share real-time videos and photos from the event.

When guests share these posts, it’s going to keep this excitement alive for much longer.

You should be using pre- and post-engagement techniques, but the world runs in real-time now. People love sharing what they’re doing, and it’s a part of the event’s journey that can be shared in real-time.

Immediate Feedback from Attendees

Feedback is invaluable. It allows you to know what excites attendees and what may be overlooked or less exciting. When you share the journey of the event, including prep, your vision and potential attractions.

The feedback from the pre-event may not be as valuable as the post-event feedback.

When you continue the engagement into the post-event, you’re able to determine what to include and exclude from your next event. The data you collect from the feedback enables you to make your future events a success.

Using the right engagement channels allows you to collect feedback from those who matter most – actual attendees.

You can also use this excitement and feedback to promote to future attendees and show what your events have to offer.

WLCM Events helps you keep guests engaged before and during your events with a platform. Share live updates, start a poll and share photos with guests. You can even let your guests share your posts to increase your event’s exposure.

WLCM Events is a one-stop shop for creating memorable, successful, and hyper-organised events. It is designed to offer streamlined event management by handling the practicalities of any event.

Elevate your event, from vision to venue.

Start your free event!

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