10 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas To Keep the Celebration Going From Home

Virtual Festivities: 10 Innovative Ways to Celebrate Birthdays Online.

WLCM Events is a fantastic platform providing a virtual birthday party host option to make your celebration go from home or the venue to make your birthday party more fun.    

Birthday celebration is not fun if you are not present with your friends, relatives or close ones and have nothing to do except cut the cake that's placed on the table, right?

However, you can make your birthday party more exciting with all the fun activities and cake cutting by choosing the WLCM Events to host your birthday party and inviting all your guests virtually to keep the celebration going from home.

There is no fun just inviting guests virtually and cutting the cake, so we will give you a virtual birthday party idea to make your celebration a memorable experience.

In this article, we will provide you with unique ideas for a birthday party celebration to make your birthday party more fun. 

We all have the desire to make our birthdays more memorable and interesting by celebrating them with our loved ones and friends. This allows us to take pleasure in life and look forward to another fascinating year in which we can accomplish all of our objectives and fulfill all of our aspirations. On the other hand, enjoying the one special day with the people you care about most brings a sense of comfort to the heart and a sense of being cherished by God. 

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas: 

When it comes to hosting a birthday party, there are different choices of people from different age groups, which is why we have narrowed it down to the four major categories for birthday party ideas that can serve correctly according to the age group of the birthday person.

  • Kids Birthday Party Ideas
  • Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers
  • Birthday Party Ideas for Adults 
  • Birthday Party Ideas for Older People

Kids Birthday Party Ideas:

When it comes to children, you can always go for something playful, a little adventurous and more exciting to make them feel all involved and energetic in the moment. Here are some of the birthday party ideas for the children to choose from, such as

Theme–based Party:

favourite superhero characters or a favourite game then, it makes them happier and more excited for their birthday. They enjoy it with all their hearts, making your birthday event more engaging and fun since all their little friends will get that same excitement. If you are choosing a complete virtual option, you can create a virtual layout for your kid's birthday party; otherwise, the hybrid option will also work for you. 

DIY Craft Party: 

You can make a DIY Craft birthday party to help your kid and his friends reveal all their creativity by making DIY crafts and creating all the amazing things with the DIY crafting option, which can be hosted both physically and virtually as well. This helps them boost their art and creative levels, which helps them improve their mind and sharpen their skills in creating unique things out of raw materials. 

Science Party: 

Conduct a simple and safe virtual science experiment, making sure that the guardians of each guest(kid) are available to guide them for the experiment. This way, you will encourage your kid and his friends to dive deeper into the world of science. It also helps create more interest and engagement for your kid's virtual birthday party. 

Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers:

As we all know, teenagers love to celebrate birthday parties of their own and their friends' birthday parties. To help you, we have fantastic birthday party ideas for teens to help them celebrate the birthday party with more fun, excitement and engagement with ease. 

Themed Costume Party: 

A themed costume party can help teens make the best out of online birthday party events with all those 90s and 80s character costumes to make the Party more fun and engaging. Teens love to do mimicry and acting for fun, so hosting a themed birthday costume party will help you get more fun and engagement via your friend circle. The best part about this is you can host both ways virtually and physically. 

Karaoke Night Party: 

You can host a karaoke night party to make your birthday party more exciting and engaging with a karaoke night. All the participants need to guess the words of songs according to the tunes played by the machine and guess the song. This makes the birthday event more engaging and exciting for all the participants. Teens love to listen to songs and music, making this activity the best way to participate in a birthday party. 

DIY Craft Party: 

Teens also love to do DIY crafts and create something unique and valuable out of them, which helps make your birthday party more valuable and engaging. For teens, you can choose projects like customizing T-shirts, making jewellery, or creating a room décor or desk décor to express your creativity and make you and your friends reveal your creative side and enhance your skills. 

Birthday Party Ideas for Adults: 

Adults like to celebrate their birthdays in various ways depending on the individual's personal choices. However, here we will cover the most common ways adults like to celebrate their birthday party and give insights on birthday party ideas for the adults to consider. 

Virtual Book Club: 

For adults who believe more in productivity with this activity, birthday people and guests can engage and talk more about productive and valuable lessons to learn from the books to make a virtual birthday party more engaging. You can provide value by hosting your birthday party as a virtual book club activity and make the celebration worth it for all the guests attending your birthday event. 

Online Wine or Beer Tasting: 

For adults who have intense celebrations, this activity will give them more fun and excitement with wine or beer tasting, which makes it more fun. You can send more than five little bottles to the participants in advance, and at the time of the Party, each participant has to guess the wine or beer by taste. Invite an expert to this at Party to ensure everything goes smoothly while tasting wine or beer. 

Virtual Talent Show: 

Host a birthday party with a virtual talent show activity where each individual has to showcase their talent, such as singing, guitar playing, doing mimicry, dancing, telling jokes, playing chess, lip reading, etc. This way, you will learn more about the talents of all the guests attending the event, and you can also make your event more fun and engaging. 


Birthday Party Ideas for Older People: 

Older people like to celebrate their birthdays with family and relatives, and they want to re-live all those memories, which makes them feel young and remember those early days, which is why we will give virtual birthday party ideas to make them meet all their friends and colleagues online and share those beautiful memories. 

Guess the Childhood Photo: 

You can host a birthday party with a guess the childhood photo activity where you will show childhood photos of all the participants. Everyone has to guess that person's name in the message, which will make the birthday party more fun and engaging, and older adults love to recognize the childhood photos of their son, daughter, grandson and granddaughters. 

Book Club Gathering: 

Older adults love to read books and learn lessons from them, which is why virtual book club gatherings help make their birthday party more talkative and keep the celebration going from home. In this activity, older adults can discuss the book they have read, the impact that book and author have made on their lives, and how we can learn life lessons from books.

Spiritual Club Gathering: 

Older adults want to learn more about religion, spirituality, and God, so a virtual spiritual club gathering for the birthday party is an excellent option to give them a more spiritual vibe. This way, older adults will feel more engaged to participate in birthday events and make the event more of a valuable resource to learn and grow their spiritual journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to make your party hybrid and make all of your guests interact and engage in fun activities to make your party start with high engagement and effortlessly host a successful birthday party.

You can host an exciting birthday party with WLCM Events by organizing fun and interactive activities during your birthday party.

You can enjoy your birthday party by making it hybrid with WLCM Events and inviting all your friends and relatives who physically aren't available to do all those fun and exciting virtual activities with them.

You can choose to throw a virtual birthday surprise party with our platform. Use WLCM Events Facetime to connect with all the mutual friends and host a birthday party to make your birthday boy/girl feel special.

When it comes to celebrating the birthday virtually, there are plenty of options available, but you need to first watch out for the person, whether it is a kid, teen, adult or older person, and after that, you can consider personal choice. You can choose WLCM Events to celebrate the birthday party virtually.

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