How to analyze your event data and get real insights

Success is all in the metrics - analyze, review attendance, and apply your learnings for future events.

A successful event is the outcome of months of hard work, patience, and planning. The success of the event gives you a feeling of accomplishment and happiness, and that is an unparalleled feeling. But how do you determine whether your event was successful? Of course, the smiles on your guests' faces say it all, but you would still definitely want to know what everyone thought about your event, what were their views and what could you have done differently to make it even better. Because let's face it, there is always scope for improvement no matter how perfect and grand it was. And so, keeping all of these things in mind, we found the perfect solution for you. 

WLCM Events enables you to analyze your event and gain insights into it to determine its success on your own. We help you examine the data and analyze your event in the most effective way possible. We provide you with as much information and data as possible to help you understand the success of your event. We not only provide a place for your visitors to leave feedback, but we also provide analytics on how well your alerts and invites are being received. 

Allow us to walk you through the steps. You can analyze the data as soon as the event is published. Once the event is published, click on the Analytics option. You will be able to get all the required information. You can get the complete guest analysis, like the total number of guests coming and the guest source. The guest source refers to the source through which your guest came to know about your event. It could be an invitation by the admin or a sub-admin. It could be via any public link or social media platform. 

Another such analysis available is about the posts made about the event. You can track each and every post made about your event. You can see the kind of post that you create, for example, a post with text, an image, a video, or even a poll, for that matter. It also shows you the information about live videos and the most engaging post. You can analyze data about the most liked, most commented, and the most shared post so that you are up to date. 

Lastly, you can analyze the reach of the notifications you send to your guests. You can see the number of clicks and the kind of content that engaged the audience through this data. Hence, this feature is your complete guide to data analysis and feedback. 

So what are you looking for? Start an event today with WLCM Events and explore this fantastic feature so that you can create memorable events one after another. 

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