How to get your guests excited about your event

Run your events with some seriously next-level hosting by starting the party before the party starts!

We at WLCM Events understand the importance of organizing a fun and engaging event. The involvement prior to the event generates excitement for it and hence plays a significant part in its success. It entices people to come to the event. It piques their interest, and thus, realizing how important it is, we designed some features that are ideal for the work.

Personalized alerts, surveys, interactive maps, live polls, live video streaming, group messaging, and one-on-one messaging are just a few of the options in WLCM Events to help you engage your visitors in the event and make your event engaging and exciting.

The interactive maps are one of the most distinguishing elements of the WLCM Events. Interactive maps guide you not just to the event's location but also to specific locations within the venue. This means you can always keep track of what is going on. Another distinguishing feature of the WLCM Events is the ability to set personalized notifications for your guests. You can use this function to generate buzz for individual aspects and parts of the event, as well as send reminders as needed.

Another interesting feature is polling. Polls, as we all know, are a great tool to engage and interest your audience. It piques people's curiosity because they are actively participating in the event. As a result, polls are always a safe bet when it comes to engaging the audience.

To illustrate, allow us to paint a picture. If you are arranging a baby shower or a baby reveal party, you can create a poll to determine whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Similarly, if you're throwing a Halloween party, you may hold a vote to determine who has the finest and the best costume. Such surveys would increase the guest's involvement in the event. Thus keeping this in mind, the WLCM events allow you to establish polls to give the event that extra spark. You may also gather real-time results by using the WLCM Events live stream tool to create live polls.

Another element that will assist you in connecting with your audience is the WLCM Events live streaming capability. You can stream your event and generate the necessary buzz by broadcasting it live. You may also share this live video with additional features like reactions, live polls, and interactive maps, all of which are also accessible and connected via live streaming.

Last but not least, the WLCM events gives its members an up-to-date messenger that allows for not only one-on-one chatting but also group talks so that they can organize and prepare for the event and talk about it.

And so what are you waiting for? Create an event on WLCM Events and get this party started!

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