The Ultimate Wedding Planner Checklist: Every Detail You Need To Consider

Comprehensive Guide to Crafting Your Dream Wedding: A Detailed Checklist for Every Aspect

Wedding planning sometimes becomes more challenging and stressful if you have yet to plan everything for the wedding ceremony, which is why here in this blog, we will plan everything accordingly to make your wedding arrangement more smoothly. 

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You can take this guide as an online wedding planner for free since it covers the whole checklist. 

Here in this article, we will provide you with a complete roadmap to prepare you for your wedding planning and make your wedding ceremony an event to remember for a lifetime.  

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The Full Roadmap:

The Ultimate Wedding Planner Checklist: 

12-18 Months Before: 

A. Set a Budget 

B. Create a Guest List

C. Choose a Date and Venue

D. Hire a Wedding Planner  

Before the 12-18 months of your wedding, you need to consider things such as financial power, guests you can invite, date & venue, and whether you need to hire a wedding planner.

A. Set a Budget:

To stay out of financial hot water on the wedding day, setting a budget in advance is vital. Pick an amount that suits your wedding budget so that you do not have to worry about a financial front, and plan your wedding according to the budget you have decided to spend on your wedding.

B. Create a Guest List:

You need to create a guest list that suits your financial budget so that you can make your wedding plan go smoothly. Choose close relatives and friends and avoid the people who are not that important to managing the budget of your wedding.

C. Choose a date and venue:

Make sure to choose a date early enough, so you have enough time to plan and organize your wedding. Select a venue that helps you and your loved one transport quickly and avoid suffering in reaching the wedding destination. It will assist you in easily following through with your wedding plan without any inconvenience.

D. Hire a Wedding Planner:

It would be more convenient if you hire a wedding planner because a wedding planner will take care of all those small to big worries and help you smoothly manage your wedding event. Do your research and find the best wedding planner that suits your requirements.

9-12 Months Before: 

          A. Book Vendors

          B. Select Bridal Party
          C. Shop for Wedding Attire

          A. Book Vendors:

          You need to book all the vendors, such as catering services, jewellery services, beauty services, decoration services, transportation services, photography & videography services, venue services, florist services, etc. This way, you can conveniently manage all your vendor's services before the wedding.

          B. Select Bridal Party:

          Firstly, consider your budget, attendees, and venue for throwing a bridal party so that you can make your bridal party more fun and engaging. Take advice from your wedding planner to learn more about how you can give a successful bridal party that achieves all your goals. 

          C. Shop for Wedding Attire:

          Shopping for wedding attire is crucial, and you want the perfect dress for your wedding. To get the perfect wedding attire, select the fine places and prime locations to shop for your wedding so that you get the best options for selecting your wedding attire and get all your wedding shopping done perfectly.

          9-6 Months Before: 

          A. Send Save the Dates 

          B. Plan Ceremony and Reception 

          C. Order Invitations

          A. Send save the dates:

            Decide the wedding date of your event and send save the dates to all your friends and family to inform them of the time your wedding will take place. This way, your friends and relatives can manage their routine schedule and shower their blessings on your wedding day with their presence. 

              B. Plan Ceremony and Reception:

              Plan the whole ceremony, rituals, and reception so that you do not have to worry about all the rituals and reception at the time and manage everything smoothly. By planning your ceremony and reception, you can manage everything according to your schedule. 

                C. Order Invitations:

                Select the design and create the invitation per your needs, making it more attractive to catch the attention of all the guests. Order your invitations according to the guest list to manage your budget with plan and management.  

                3-6 Months Before: 

                A. Finalize Details 

                B. Apply for a Marriage License 

                C. Plan Honeymoon 

                  A. Finalize Details:

                  You have to finalize all the details like date, venue, vendor services, and other small details to ensure that everything is well planned and there are no loopholes in your planning. By doing this, if you find any loophole, you can fix it before the wedding. 

                    B. Apply for a Marriage License:

                    You must apply for a marriage license to officially register as a married couple and have your marriage recognized by the law. This way, you can get legal marriage certification for your marriage. 

                      C. Plan Honeymoon:

                      It would help to plan your honeymoon according to your preference and a place that suits your budget so you do not have to worry about it after marriage. Make sure you consider safety and security while choosing your honeymoon destination so you can enjoy it without any hurdles. 

                      1-3 Months: 

                      A. Finalize Seating Chart 

                      B. Confirm with Vendors

                      C. Attend Dress Fittings